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adiction_love playing

I Love Playing Cricket with My Friends

Cricket is worshiped in our country. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed the game with my friends. I had posters of my favorite cricketers in my room. Every evening, I played cricket with my friends in the playground. While playing, my friends used to tease me for the stinking smell and sweat patches on my […]

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Compliments from My Friends Make Me Glad

I went to a bookshop to buy some books for my exams. There I saw a girl who was studying in a different college. I found her pretty and followed her to some distance to know where she stays. Meanwhile, I saw my friend and I returned to my place. After a couple of days, […]

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Use Adiction Deodorant and Stay Fresh

The rising temperature in summers triggers the sweat gland to produce sweat and as a result, body odor. I really hate summers for this reason. To avoid that stinking smell, I prefer to use strong deodorants. Especially, when I am in public, I don’t want others to recognize me due to my bad body odor. […]

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Adiction Deodorant Takes Care of My Body Odor

I am a marketing professional and have to travel a lot due to my work. While commuting from one place to another, I prefer to go by car. The air conditioning facility makes it a comfortable ride for me. At times, I got late for the meeting due to traffic jams because of which I […]

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Adiction_Tips to stay

Tips to Stay Cool While Traveling in Summer Season

Traveling is a great fun as it gives chance to explore things and nature. Before moving out, there are several things to be carried required during the trip. Especially, during the summer season, packing the luggage, carrying or dragging it makes one sweat. To avoid sweat and stay cool, there are various options stated below:- […]

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IPL Match with My Friends

I love watching and playing sports. I have a great interest in cricket and do not leave any opportunity to watch live matches. This time I planned to go for an IPL match with my friends. The match was scheduled to start in afternoon and we reached the stadium an hour before. It was a […]

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Adiction_My Dance Classes

My Dance Classes are Really Interesting

Since my childhood, I love to dance. Noticing my interest in dance, my mother got me enrolled in dance classes near my home. I continued to learn various dance forms for 3 years. Throughout the day, it was the most interesting activity for me. I am always excited to go for the classes and spend […]

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Cultural Function at College

Last month I had a cultural function at my college. My friends were participating in various events according to their interest. I was thinking to prepare a dance number but needed a partner. I asked some of my friends, if any one of them was ready to participate with me. Everyone was ignoring me and […]

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adiction_i feel happy

I Feel Happy After Using Adiction Deodorant

After my exams, I planned to meet my cousins and booked my air tickets. Right after completing my exam, I had to catch the flight in evening. I was over-excited and did not want to miss my flight. I packed my bags, booked a cab and rushed to the airport. By the time I reached […]

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Adiction_my first job

My First Job and New Experience

Last month I started my first ever job. On my first day, I noticed everyone was very well dressed in office. This motivated me to dress up more professionally and I tried my best. Some of my colleagues gave me compliments for my dressing sense. This made me happy and boosted my confidence too but […]

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