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4 Tips to Reduce Body Odor

The smelly armpits and sweat patches on the shirt are common issues faced by the people suffering from excessive sweat. Generally, they feel embarrassed when required to raise their hands in public. Have you ever been in the same situation? If yes, try the following steps to reduce your body odor:- Keep Yourself Clean – […]

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4 Ways to Stay Fresh On a Tiring Day

As an employee working in private sector, I have no time for myself. Almost half a day, I have to follow a mundane schedule. I am stuck in the projects and meetings throughout the day. No matter how frustrated I am but I always have to look fresh and energetic in front of my team […]

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Inconvenience Due to Sweating Problem

Are you ashamed of raising your hands in public because of your bad body odor? Do you end up changing your clothes twice or thrice a day? Are you fed up of being ignored? Don’t be embarrassed due to the foul smell and get some solution to it! Sweating is a body’s mechanism and is […]

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Adiction is the Best Deodorant for Men

When it comes to selecting the best deodorant for men, it is important to consider the fragrance and quality of the deodorant. It must be clinically tested so that it is absolutely safe for the skin. Especially, the people who really need deodorant due to bad body odor must consider the fragrance. It is quite […]

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Adiction_Confidently participate

Confidently Participate in All Physical Activities

Health conscious people always prefer to buy the products that are clinically tested. Such products do not cause any harm to the skin and provide better results. While buying shampoos, toothpastes, soaps and deodorants, people always rely on the reviews. These are the most essential things used for grooming one’s personality. Among all other products, […]

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Choose the Best Deodorant for Men to Improve the Body Odor

Deodorants are one of the best measures to tackle offensive body odor. It kills the bacteria that cause stinking smell on reacting with the sweat. It is advised to purchase the best quality deodorant which does not cause any harm to the skin. On using wrong type of deodorants, one may face various problems such […]

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adiction_Adiction Deodorant is Highly Popular among Youngsters

Adiction Deodorant is Highly Popular among Youngsters

Smelling nice is a necessity for men and a choice too. Generally, men do not take interest and put efforts in searching out for the best deodorants available for them. Most of the men consider sweat and the stinking smell as a sign of masculinity. This makes the other people uncomfortable and later they are […]

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Official Meeting

Follow 5 Tips for an Official Meeting

While going for an official meeting, the most important thing you need to carry is your confidence. With this, you can crack every deal and impress your seniors. Before entering the meeting room, you must organize the research data beforehand. Besides this, there are various other things that must be followed by everyone. Some of […]

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My First Interview

With all the certificates in my folder, I went for my first interview. I was supposed to reach the office by 11 o’ clock. I took the shortest route in order to reach the office on time. Due to some procession, the streets were packed and I was getting late. I was riding a two-wheeler […]

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adiction_beat the heat

Beat the Heat with Adiction

Be prepared for this summer season as it is predicted to be hotter than the last one. Day by day, the temperature is rising up and in such a situation one needs to take several precautions. Following are some of the points that help you in staying cool:- Eat at Short Intervals – On eating […]

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