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Adiction_my first job

My First Job and New Experience

Last month I started my first ever job. On my first day, I noticed everyone was very well dressed in office. This motivated me to dress up more professionally and I tried my best. Some of my colleagues gave me compliments for my dressing sense. This made me happy and boosted my confidence too but […]

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Use Adiction Deodorant Everyday

When it comes to buying the best deodorant, I get slightly confused. To control my bad body odor, I always look for the deodorant that keeps me refreshed for long hours. I have tried a number of brands offering deodorants with strong fragrances. I use various deodorants and perfumes to avoid myself from getting into […]

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adiction_get compliments

Get Compliments from Your Friends

I am a software professional working with a multinational company. Due to my long sitting hours, I am supposed to sit and work on the computer. This reduced my physical activity and I became sluggish. In addition, I was also gaining weight which hampered my personality. In order to control weight and improve my personality, […]

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Trip to Delhi in Summer

During summer holidays, I went to my cousin’s home in Delhi. We planned our schedule a month before and were all set to have fun. As it was the first time I was visiting the city, I wished to explore all the historical monuments and other tourist places. We preferred the local bus to travel […]

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Adiction_Best Match

The Best Match of My Life

During schooldays, I was listed among the best sportspersons in my class. I had a great interest in playing cricket, hockey and basketball. Being a leading player, I was the captain of our school cricket team. Due to my interest in various sports, I spent most of my time in the playground. I loved playing […]

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4 Tips to Enjoy Your Day

One must possess a healthy body and positive attitude to live life in the best manner. This improves the personality and gives you the confidence to give your best in whatever you do. Following are the suggestions on how to shape up your personality: Healthy Breakfast – Skipping the breakfast is really not a good […]

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Adiction Keeps You Fresh for Long Hours

With summer rolling in, the temperature has started rising. Due to the change in season, the trend to dress-up also changes. To avoid sweat, people prefer to wear lightweight stuff. Sweating is a natural process that removes the waste from the body. It runs into a major problem, when in excess. Sweat can be seen […]

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Impress Your Colleagues by Using Adiction

I love winter season. I love to sit in cozy blankets and sip hot coffee and tea. But after winters, I really dislike the summer season as it is all sticky, sweaty, and messy. Uncontrollable sweating is one of the things that I hate smell the most about summers. I hate that stinking smell as […]

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Say Goodbye to Bad Body Odor

Body odor and sweat are the major issues faced by most of the people. To improve the body odor, people try different measures. Some people start drinking water in excess, use good anti-bacterial soap, eat less spicy food, or take shower twice daily. Besides this, people also use different brands of deodorants to avoid bacterial […]

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Raise Your Hands with Confidence

Everyone has a different body odor. Some are blessed with a tolerable body odor whereas mostly are not. Due to the excessive growth of bacteria, the body odor turns bad. This creates a bad impression and the situation becomes embarrassing for people. To get rid of bad body odor, one tries different products and measures. […]

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