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4 Tips to Reduce Body Odor


4 Tips to Reduce Body Odor

The smelly armpits and sweat patches on the shirt are common issues faced by the people suffering from excessive sweat. Generally, they feel embarrassed when required to raise their hands in public. Have you ever been in the same situation? If yes, try the following steps to reduce your body odor:-

Keep Yourself Clean – Take shower twice a day to wash away all the sweat. This helps in reducing the number of bacteria on your skin. Sweat has no odor but when it gets mixed with bacteria on your skin, they multiply quickly and raise a stinking smell.

Use Antibacterial Soap – Antibacterial bath soap is effective in washing away all the bacteria. Once the bacteria are removed from the body, the body odor automatically improves. For this, select the best antibacterial soaps available in the market.

Apply Adiction Deodorant – Once your body is clean and dry, use Adiction on your underarms. It masks the bad body odor and offers you a refreshing feeling. Like other deodorants, it does not need to be applied every now and then as it is a long lasting and strong smelling deodorant. Once applied in the morning, it keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Cut Down Spicy Foods – Spicy foods tend to make you sweat more which directly contributes to body odor. In addition, drinks with caffeine or alcohol must also be avoided as they may also cause you to sweat more.

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