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6 Underarms Grooming tips: The Alpha Male way


6 Underarms Grooming tips: The Alpha Male way

In this patriarchal world, men think that grooming is something that is very female-centric. “We are alpha males, we don’t need grooming”, they say. Little do they know that it is the most integral part of an individual’s upkeep and deportment.  Among other things that turn off people, the most evident one is bad body odor. Improper or no grooming of your armpits can lead to body odor.  A gentleman is perfectly groomed, smells nice and is chivalrous.

Here are few tips that can help you in being the man you are and will enhance your personality.

Read on boys!!!!

  1. Do not be embarrassed about having to shave your underarms. Little grooming never hurt anybody!
  2. Choose the perfect razor. Whether it is going to be the one with moisture strip or electric or how many blades will it have? Choose what suits you best.
  3. Trim the longer hair first. This will only help you in not getting any cuts or injuries and will give a smoother shave.
  4. Lather Up! Make sure the lather is enough so that your sensitive skin doesn’t get bruised. Use olive oil or conditioner or your normal shaving cream.
  5. Never use cologne or aftershave. This is not your normal shaving regime. It will sting badly! Moisturize with a good body lotion or olive oil soon after.
  6. Use a good deodorant. A good deodorant like Adiction decreases the chance of body odor generating bacteria. It smells strong and lasts long!

Therefore, choosing it will surely enable you to be well groomed as well as confident.

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