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7 Sure Shot Shaving Hacks


7 Sure Shot Shaving Hacks

If your daily shaving routine looks like a war zone, bloodshed and toilet paper all over your face, you’ve been doing it wrong all your life. Now, before picking up your razor next time, just make sure you know these genius shaving hacks that are going to revolutionize your shaving experience!

  1. Hair conditioner works as a great shaving cream for sensitive skin

It not only protects your skin but also softens the hair. This might be a little heavy on the pocket but definitely is worth trying.

  1. Moisture is the razor’s worst enemy

When you rinse your razor clean, make sure you dry it completely. This habit can actually add weeks to your blade’s life.

  1. Block of alum is the real healer!

You may disagree with the significance of alum when it comes to nicks and cuts but the fact is that its way better than tissue paper! You can even use a lip balm. Just apply some of it on the cut and you’re good to go.

  1. Substitute baby oil for shaving cream

I bet you didn’t know this hack, but yes you can use baby oil when you’re completely out of both shaving cream and hair conditioner. Apply baby oil while using lukewarm water. Warm water will open up your pores, eventually softening your whiskers to give a closer shave.

  1. The cold water therapy

Never wash your face with the same hot/lukewarm water you used while shaving or taking a shower. Always make sure that you wash your face with cold water as it will close your pores immediately. It simply means fewer wrinkles!

  1. Never skip the moisturizing step

Quite honestly, it’s okay not to spend money on aftershaves. Your daily moisturizer can be your best aftershave as well.

  1. Ever heard of witch hazel?

Witch hazel is a toner that comforts your skin after a close shave. Try it out once and it will become an integral part of your grooming kit.

A close clean shave can enhance your charm but a bad smell can adversely affect your personality. So, do not forget to wear your awesome Adiction deodorant fragrance. Perfection is the ladder to success.

Image Courtesy: shavingsecrets

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