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A Bond to Remember!


A Bond to Remember!

As a kid, I had always seen my dad in different moods after he returned from his office. Sometimes cool, sometimes hyper or sometimes even sad. Gradually I also came to know that it was the office scenarios which were responsible for his post work mood swings. Since it was my turn now to head into an office environment, I had already prepared my mind that there would somehow be such incidents which would affect me as well.

So, finally there I was, it was my first day at my first job and I was a bit nervous. I was formally introduced to everyone and was allocated a place where I would work. The first day went by quickly with all the inductions and formalities. The office environment was very calm, soothing and cool. Everybody had their own space to do whatever they wanted to do. As such there were no hardcore rules to follow, but at the same time, everybody was responsible for their own work. Well, that was a good thing! I sensed the positivity of the arena and I was glad that I would learn a lot. Days passed and my first ever job was turning out to be a pleasant experience.

But soon I found myself in a situation. My reporting manager usually helped me out each time with the difficulties I faced. But there was this one time when suddenly one of our senior most bosses didn’t like my work at all. Soon it became a trend that if anything that reached the boss and he comes to know that it was done by me, that work had only one fate- rejection, and nothing else. My colleagues, teammates and my manager, all knew about the quality of my work and how it was always up to the mark. I just could not get it; in fact, my manager was also puzzled about the way things were happening. All these incidents were marking a setback for me. I was new in the office and sadly I was on the verge of losing all my confidence and courage. Once I even thought about giving up, that I was not good enough. But my manager was just like an angel in disguise. He took me aside for a cup of coffee and he explained the pros and cons of the corporate world. He described how harsh these circumstances can be and if I could withstand it, I would surely hit the jackpot soon.

It was a matter of few weeks, when all those chaotic episodes ended in my life and again my life came back on track. I was surprised how the boss changed his attitude towards me and started approving my work. I was happy and gradually recovered my lost confidence. Meanwhile, I came to know that my manager, who had backed me throughout, fought with the boss for me and my existence in the company. He stood up for me without even letting me know. That day as I sat with my dad, I told him everything that I had faced. He said exactly what my manager had said. He also added that if I was getting so much support from him, then I must work hard so that he never loses faith in me.

Since that incident my manager has gained all my respects and we became very good friends. He was older than me, but the age difference was never an issue. So, today on the eve of friendship day we are going to a party with all our office friends. I am wearing my best clothes with matching belt and shoes. To enhance my personality, I have used Adiction deodorant for a strong signature fragrance. I believe my strong personality will definitely leave a strong impact on my boss.

Always remember those minor relations you make in your life. You never know who is going to raise hands for your good and when. Keep believing in the truth and always #raiseyourhandforgood!

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