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A Day to Remember


A Day to Remember

Wow! What a loving couple! What a chemistry? Anyone can easily find out how much they love each other. Hats off!!!

It’s 6 am and my phone rang up. Mitu, my childhood friend was very upset. Adi, her boyfriend was going out of India for a project. She was happy for her progressive career but sad too because of the separation. She wants to buy a gift for him that give him remembrance of her all the time.

band-bands-black-and-white-couple-Favim.com-2182822I suggested her to buy a best fragrant deodorant; so whenever he feels the fragrance he will feel your presence too. We bought a soothing refreshing deo. She sprinkled little on herself; and gifted him the same. She hugged him and said, ‘I will be always with you like this fragrance’. We waved bye with teary eyes.

After few days, it was her b.day. She was not in mood to celebrate as Adi was not with him. But I can’t leave her alone like this in saddy mood especially on her b.day. I called up Adi and we planned a surprise for her.

She woke up in morning and felt the same fragrance which she had given to him. She became happy and starts looking for him but he was not there. She became saddened again. I forced her to go out for shopping. She felt the same fragrance in the car, in the restaurant and in the mall. She called him and asked where you are? I am feeling that you are here nearby me as I can feel you and your fragrance. He said, ‘you told me that you will be always with me like the fragrance same way I am with you.’

She starts crying and said please come back; I am missing you. He came to her from the backside and hugged her tightly. We all shouted loudly Happy B.day Dear. It was most memorable moment for her. She can’t ever forget those crying smiles and happy tears for lifetime.



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