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A Hot Summer Afternoon In Bus


A Hot Summer Afternoon In Bus

“Speak against the evil and pull up your sleeves to face the consequences of your brave step,” I told the bus conductor that Thursday evening.

Buses are the lifeline of any city, no wonder there are all sorts of people from a different background who travel in buses. It was a bad afternoon for that poor conductor, I still remember.

It was scorching hot that day, so I took a bath and put on my favourite strong fragrance Adiction deodorant because I sweat a lot. Thanks to the scientist who invented deodorant to relieve humankind of sweat odour during the summer season.

I took a bus from my nearby stop to reach my friend’s place. I made myself comfortable in the back seat of the bus and put on my earplugs like always. All of a sudden I heard some loud voices and realized that the bus conductor and a goon type guy were fighting. The bus conductor was asking about the bus ticket. Things went out of control when the conductor refused to go back to his seat and kept demanding the bus ticket money from him. I thought everything will be fine soon and there is no need of interference between them, but things didn’t improve. Their quarrel took a shape of a tussle and the goon type guy started hitting the bus conductor.

Things started getting on my nerves and I decided to save the poor conductor who was just doing his job. I raised my hand to lift the conductor up and asked the goon assertively to stop this, else be ready to face the consequences. Probably, he didn’t find it suitable to get into further fights and got down the bus then and there.

The bus conductor thanked me for saving him from the bad guy. I still wonder if that incident changed the bus conductor or not?

I am still the same like that afternoon, raising my hand for the good. I have pledged to never change and keep raising the hand for good.

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