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A Spray Of Impression


A Spray Of Impression

Sometimes having a good body is not all we need to impress someone. People are pretty different from each other and so are their choices. I got to know about my shortcoming 6 months ago when my sister returned from abroad after her college.

My sister is a zoology student and it was after full 3 years she came back home. I went to receive her at the airport that day and saw a girl accompanying her. She was with her best friend Shalini, whom she introduced later to me.

My sister’s best friend was so beautiful. It was love at first sight and I was very certain that I will tell her about my feelings soon but I decided to talk to my sister about it first. My sister and I are very close to each other and we always share our feelings whenever we feel like talking about it.

So, I went to my sister’s room one day and told her about my feelings for Shalini. She was not shocked knowing this as Shalini is very beautiful and everyone likes her a lot. But, she completely shattered my confidence by telling me that Shalini complained about the foul smell that was coming from me when I went to receive them at the airport.

Seeing me sad, my sister asked me to not worry and gifted me a bottle of Adiction deodorant which she bought from the airport for me. She asked me to wear it instantly and get ready as she was taking me along to meet Shalini.

That meeting went awesome and really changed my life. I and Shalini are getting married next year friends. All thanks to my sister and Adiction deodorant for bringing confidence and love into my life.

I had never thought good fragrance could actually change my life.

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