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Add Visual Bulk To Your Body


Add Visual Bulk To Your Body

You have done everything to look bulkier than you are in actuality, but nothing has really helped you so far. Clothes still hung loose on your body like a tent on a pole and you end up looking shabby most of the time.

All you have to do is dress in a way that your clothes make you look healthier and fuller than you really are. Don’t worry boy, your wait to look buff is over now. Just keep these 4 styling tips in mind every time you go out for shopping.

Stop Wearing Clothes That Make You Look Flimsy

It is high time that you stop getting slim-fit clothes for yourself. You need to create a stronger image so don’t opt for skinny garments or clothes that are too big for you. Always opt for one size bigger than you usually pick to look bulkier.

Identify That One Garment That Makes You Look Smart

No one can deny the fact that a jacket or blazer makes you look smart and fuller because jackets make your shoulders look broader than usual, however, for some, a trouser or a pair of jeans could do wonders. Identify the garments that make you look fuller and stick to it till you gain some noticeable weight.

Layering Works Best For You 

Layering does not mean wearing five T-shirts. You won’t be able to survive the summer by doing this so layer your clothes in a way that you wear a light fabric and get sturdier with each layer, but wearing too many layers is not advisable. Stick to 2 to 3 layers and then, you can unbutton your shirt and make a style statement. Wear only light colours inside and try not to include numerous colours like a rainbow.

Choose A Fabric That Adds Visual Bulk To Your Body

Opt for bright colours and textured fabrics that add mass to your overall appearance and you look bulkier than you actually are in real. Denim, corduroy and tweed are the fabrics that you must have in your wardrobe.

Last but not the least, never forget to wear Adiction deodorant while wearing 3-4 layers of cloth to look bulkier. Bad odours can literally steal the show that you can actually put on with your stunning personality. A strong fragrance is something that a boy should never ignore while preparing himself for an occasion.

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