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power of fragrance

Addictive Power of Fragrance!


Addictive Power of Fragrance!

Marilyn Monroe was once asked what she wears in bed and she boldly replied my signature perfume, of course!  

Fragrances trigger hormones and excite sexual appetite.

Females prefer to wear the most seductive fragrances as they allure their femininity. And men wear it to attract the potential mates. As the designer clothes and classy cars give a message of wealth, enduring fragrances can actually give a signal of esteem.

The fragrance you wear defines your personality. So when it comes to choosing your signature fragrance you have to be extra careful. Finding a new fragrance can be overwhelming, but you must know what can mesmerize others. Then explore your fragrance!

Women like to flaunt their femininity (And even I love to…). So for that gorgeous fragrance, go for refreshing, airy and something sweet. There is a huge choice from jasmine to rose, from complex blends to fruity nuance. These fragrances lead to fresh and clean feel. For some, zesty fragrances really work. It adds to your elegance and helps you feel energized. Even if you like dominant male fragrance group, something musky you can add it to your wardrobe. There is a huge variety of unisex musky and woody fragrances. And why to forget an appealing mix of oriental fragrances combined with floral notes.

A perfect addition for men’s wardrobe can be a fresh and zesty fragrance.  These are some outdoor fragrances that give the invigorating essence. It is a big turn on for your partners and also a great stimulant for the adventurous men.  Woody or musky is considered as manly fragrance. These heads turning fragrances should be worn more to make your environment more intense. (Wink… wink…). The fragrance with a combination of spices is also you can rely on. These are full of exoticism that leaves a lasting impression.

I remember the school days when we used to buy deos of the latest trends with no idea of the ingredients and what they smelled like. Always wear a fragrance that defines your character or personality.

Understand the chemistry between your skin and fragrance and flaunt it!

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