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Adiction Deo – Monsoon Chemistry Quotient


Adiction Deo – Monsoon Chemistry Quotient

Research studies worldwide have revealed that men have poor sense of smell therefore they can’t make out when they smell foul. With high level of humidity in the atmosphere during monsoons, sweat does not evaporate and get accumulated in the body. This provides ‘foul smell causing bacteria’ the best environment to grow in the body and hence the foul smell.

Varun Dabboo Adiction-550A man can smell real bad in monsoons and he will not even know that. Even his favorite deodorant can fail him. And this surely upsets his woman. Has this ever happened to you? Are you worried for that? Don’t be, there is a way out.

See, you can’t control the sweating and you shouldn’t even mess with a natural process but you are very much capable of choosing the best deodorant for you. Here are three best ways to choose your deodorant:

Find out how much you sweat: There is nothing to be ashamed of, if you smell frequently. You may have more body hair or highly active apocrine glands. In such a case go for antiperspirant deodorant because other deodorants may just mask the smell but they fail to deal with the basic cause of the body odor.

Deodorant type matters: For men with long armpit hair and dense body hair, sprays are the best adictiondeoformula as compared to roll-ons, stick and stick-gel types of deodorants. Spray type deodorant dries in no time. And if you are among those men who love to share their deodorants with their friends then too spray types are the best.

Choose the best scent: Your deodorant’s scent is not only for you but for your partner and others as well. Men have habits of wearing a lot of cologne and perfume. Just make sure you stay away from clashing scents as they repel people. You can buy combination deodorants if you love to wear more than one scents.So before you buy your favorite deodorant, make sure it fits to this checklist.

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