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Adiction is good


Adiction is good

That Daily Addiction

Psychologically, we all are addicted to something or the other. But is that addiction good? Has it ever struck in your brain that what could be the root cause of that addiction. We are addicted to certain smell or may be to a particular food item, to a shirt or to a pair of shoes. Researchers have reasons to believe that addiction is good as well as bad. For up to certain levels the addiction is good and should be there to sustain the consistent love for a particular thing. It could turn out to be bad if the love for anything crosses the danger mark as it could reflect the desperate personality in you. But in controlled fashion being addicted is one of the best feelings.

I am addicted to the fragrance of the perfumes or deodorants. Such is my love for the enchanting smell that even a little of it rejuvenates the every node of my brain. It is this addiction that taught my brain to analyze the different fragrances floating in the air. Certainly this addiction is as good as it rejuvenates me and delights me with the fantastic feeling of happiness.

Fulfill your obsession of your adiction in such a fashion that it always makes you happy and keeps the grin on your face for a long time.

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