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Adiction: Need of the hour!


Adiction: Need of the hour!

An evening metro ride always makes me choke. People fighting for seats is a common sight and, no doubt, metro is slowly turning into a theatre, where people become the entertainers themselves to get entertained. The population of our country is ever increasing and with it, is growing the foul smell of sweat emanating from the people. Summers observe more terrible stench which is intolerable and destroys our sensitive nasal cavity in no time.

The worst happened a few days back, while I was commuting back to my place after office. I was pushed aside by the crowd close to a group of gym addicts. Their toned up muscles and strong jaw lines reflected their love for working out. With ladies eyeballing them in a seductive fashion, their boyfriends were in a fit of rage. Such was their charm yet standing next to them could easily turn off any women. Their body odour was foul and the smell could easily wake up the dead. The destroying state of smell easily saw me running away from them at once.

The gym addicts tend to forget how regular use of deodorants can do wonders for them. The root cause of their stink is bacteria and deodorants are the medium to stay away from it. So, all you gym lovers, go flaunt your six pack abs but don’t forget to team them up with your signature Adiction.

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