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Aromatic Attraction


Aromatic Attraction

Mythology always believed that aromatic aphrodisiacs existed on earth. They were just waiting to be discovered. The fantasy of scented concoctions arousing the sexual desires always captivated me as I love nice smelling things. Talking scientifically, there are pheromones that are actually odorless compounds (yet has something that women gets attracted to) influencing sexual receptivity between two people for the better or worse. Women are blessed with extra sensitivity when it comes to smelling men, consciously and otherwise too. And women love to be with men who are free from any body odor as a UK based survey reveals that women find scented men more attractive than those who do not wear scented deodorants.

Many of us would be agreeing with the above finding. I had this boy in my class during my college years, who would dress shabby, look bad and smell even worse. He was a topper and a geek yet no girl noticed him. In a reunion after five years, the scene totally changed with that guy. I had to think for few minutes to recall that such a guy even existed then. He looked handsome, confident, well dressed and wore a perfect smell. The girls could not resist him. Actually, I never noticed he was deadly handsome. Today, he dates my best friend. I asked him once how this wonder happened. He replied in a relaxed manner, “I just changed the way I smelled”. When I further enquired I realized that he had a condition known as hyperhidrosis where he would sweat excessively to bring his body in equilibrium. Medicines helped reduce the sweating but then his personality actually changed when someone recommended him to use deodorants.

That’s true. Researchers have found that men feel confident about their body and senses when they wear deodorants. The more confident a man feels, more attractive and addictive his body language gets for women. Wearing a fragrance makes a man feel better, boosts his self esteem and as a result he seems to be attractive in the eyes of women. And a woman loves to be intimately involved with a confident man. If a woman loves her man but hates the way he smells, then this could be a bad genetic combination.

aromatic attraction

Men generally sweat a lot and sweat can smell foul because of the bacteria present on the skin. The bacteria break down the sweat into acidic compounds which smell bad. For foul smelling body odor there are numbers of deodorants and body sprays available in the market. Deodorants work by masking the smell of sweat. You should check the ingredients of the deodorants you are going to buy. It must have essential oils and antibacterial compounds in the form of plant extracts and oil that kill bacteria. Remember, a good deodorant should not stop the sweating process. Men can use deodorants on dry feet as well if they have the problem of smelly feet.

There is a whole new range of ‘all natural’ deodorants in the market now. However, excessive use of deodorant can lead to some health risks therefore I recommend small quantity of deodorants for daily use because I believe deodorants should be like whisper, not a yell. So ‘no gas’ formula works. Also, clinging on to just one deodorant for longer period of time is quite monotonous and irritating for skin, instead one can use variants of deodorants to reduce monotony of fragrance and to save skin from excessive exposure to same compounds. Combination deodorants smell good. One can use them to impress someone really demanding in terms of smell.

So if you smell good enough to yourself and to the lovely lady of your dreams, you are surely going to be a fire winner because deodorants I believe are a class of aromatic aphrodisiacs. 

 Image Courtesy: eatsomethingsexy, lifemartini.

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