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Be The Change, The Society Seeks!


Be The Change, The Society Seeks!

I don’t like filth. Cleanliness has always been high on my agenda. Though I do not have a phobia of dirt, it is just that I don’t like dirty people or houses or streets.

Do you like dirty people or streets? If not then join me in a mission to make our streets and public places beautiful but, if you like dirt then get ready to face my wrath.

I am not building castles in the air my friend! I have done it. I have raised my hand up against the people who spread dirt and garbage on the streets. As an example I am telling you a story of my colony, which boasts of the most beautiful streets in the city now, although 3 months ago it was in a completely different state.

The Streets of my colony were like a garbage bin and the bad odour came complimentary with it. I wrote letters and e-mails to the municipal authorities but nothing worked. So, I picked up the broom in my hands and started the ‘Safai abhiyaan’. Seeing me work for the welfare of the society, some teenagers too joined me. Once we were done with the cleaning up, we made a strategy to inform the people about the transformation and how to co-operate in the campaign. It was hard to talk to people and make them understand the need to join our cause, but we did it. I being the leader of the campaign made strict rules along with the people of the colony against those who spread dirt.

It took a full 60 days to see my dream come true, when while walking I didn’t find even a single plastic bag on the street. We definitely stood strong against the defaulters and penalized them accordingly for spreading muck.

It is just not about keeping the streets clean; we need to keep our body clean too. After all we are humans not animals. Is it bad if I have a bath daily, put on clean clothes and wear my favourite Adiction deodorant to suppress my odour and look like a decent civilized human? I think we all would like it like that.

I kindly request each and everyone out there to raise the hands against the wrongs especially against dirty places and bad odour. A beautiful environment looks like heaven and I am very sure of the fact that beauty is positivity.

Be a rebel against bad odour and dirty places. Raise your hands and fight it effectively.

Image Courtesy: france24

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