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Beard games


Beard games

Growing beard has become so important nowadays that it is considered as a symbol of dignity. If a long beard is a symbolic attribute of wisdom and life experience, then short beard is known to be an iconic style. As the trend of growing beard is gaining its popularity day by day, let’s look at some of the reasons why it is better to date a man with a beard!

  1. Very, Very Sexy!!

Beard, no doubt makes you look sexy.  It gives a more rugged and manly look.  It also makes you attractive. Apart from complementing your face, it hides the acne and scars.

  1. The way he touches

 Every woman wants a man who can fulfill her sexual needs.  Right from the tickling to those sensuous moves, beard gives an upper hand when it comes to pleasing your partner.

  1. Self-esteem

 Beard signifies a man’s strength and self-esteem. The Beard is a symbol of supremacy, making him look more responsible and powerful.

  1. Much more patient and understanding

 Growing beard is never easy. Dense beard sometimes takes weeks or even months before they come in a proper shape.  Dense and long beard reflects a man’s patience. It also shows how a man can hold onto his decisions and is never reckless while making decisions. 

  1. Always fashionable

 Beard never makes you look shabby, provided you are maintaining it properly. A well-groomed beard suits with every attire.

A fully grown beard also looks cool. However, it is necessary to regularly trim and maintain it. So maintain it and look sexy!

Image Courtesy:toolsofmen

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