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Beat the Heat with Adiction


Beat the Heat with Adiction

Be prepared for this summer season as it is predicted to be hotter than the last one. Day by day, the temperature is rising up and in such a situation one needs to take several precautions. Following are some of the points that help you in staying cool:-

Eat at Short Intervals – On eating the meals, the body uses energy to metabolize the food and raise the temperature.  It is advised to reduce the amount of protein intake during summers as it requires more energy to metabolize. One must eat meals in small quantity as it requires less energy to metabolize and keeps the body temperature cool.

Go for a Tepid Shower – In hot weather, a cold shower is what everyone likes. But a tepid shower is considered best for the body. The water below the body temperature effectively cools off the body. On the other hand, the cold water instantly cools the body temperature and leaves you hotter when you get out of the bathroom.

Use Adiction – People suffering from the problem of sweat and stinking smell always keep trying different deodorants. Adiction is one of the highly trusted deodorants known, for providing the refreshing fragrance even when the body is sweating. Once applied it offers a long-lasting fragrance and does not need to be carried along everywhere.

Wear Light Colored Clothes – Light colored clothes with cool fabrics are simply perfect for summers. Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics among all. Especially, if you are going out, a hat is must to avoid getting a sun stroke.

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