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Believe in you!


Believe in you!

Now I believe that strong determination is the key to success.

I still remember that day. My car broke down some 10 km. away from the stadium and it was raining heavily. It seemed like a tough day, but nothing could have stopped me from pursuing my dreams and living my passion that day. I had to reach the stadium in less than half an hour to enroll myself in the selection process and so, I decided to run all the way to the stadium to reach my destination.

While I was running with all my might, I started to remember all those obstacles that had ever come in the way to stop me from achieving what I have always wanted. The flashbacks of my journey began to play in front of my eyes and I felt like I was watching a dream with open eyes. Sadly, it was no dream. I saw my sports coach who refrained me from playing football because I was short. He wanted me to be a defender but I aspired to be a striker. He used to humiliate me and declared my dreams unachievable. I took it as a challenge and worked hard to get what I always wished to. My parents used to scold me for my bad academic performance because I was all into football. I used to breathe football, I used to live football, in every moment of mine I had football. My team mates never supported me even after I had proved my skillful moves countless times. There were also some people who demanded money as a favor in order to give me a chance in the selection trial. All these thoughts were revolving in my head, but I brushed them aside and put all my focus on my Adiction of becoming a striker.

So, with these budding memories in my head, half an hour passed and I reached the stadium, somehow. I enrolled myself and geared up for the game. When I reached the ground, I left all the bitterness behind and I played without a fear as none of my team members or my coach was there to belittle my efforts and judge me. That day, I played for myself, I played with my whole heart and perhaps, that is the reason fate gifted me what I deserved. I got selected in the club team for a major upcoming tournament.

Football was my ADICTION and it was my ZIDD to be in the Club team. I put my heart and soul in fueling my Adiction and even gave up a lot of things for it. My Zidd helped me in achieving what I have today. My love for football will always stay intact and I am happy that I could finally prove myself. However, my Adiction still burns inside me and the flame will keep growing leaps and bounds.

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