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Belt Trends

Belts- Keeping it all together!


Belts- Keeping it all together!

“A man should look as if he has bought his clothes and accessories with thought and intelligence, put them on with care and then forgot all about them”

Belts hold your trousers up and tie together the upper and lower halves of your outfit. It is no longer considered a mundane and functional item of clothing among men. Belts have evolved into an important accessory to compliment your clothes and make you stand out in a crowd.

To create a stylish impact, especially among the ladies, it’s essential to pick and match the right belt with your shoes. Most of the belts that you see on the display in a retail store will probably end up of no use to you.

We simply need solid-coloured, no-nonsense, and inconspicuous belts that we can wear with all our pants:

Wear a narrow belt in black leather to compliment black leather shoes and a narrow same color belt in canvas with sneakers. However, white shoes are the exception and should never be paired with white belts by men, choose a black belt instead.

These are the basic belt fundas, but if you really want to shine and be fashionably intriguing then get familiar with the hidden techniques and choose belts like a professional.

Here is the secret technique for picking up absolutely perfect belts for men:

  1. The belt and pants should match appropriately: narrow belts with pants, chinos, dark jeans, and trouser shorts, while wide belts with lighter denim, cargo shorts, and pants.
  2. Buy shoes and belt of the same color like black shoes with a black belt, brown shoes with a brown belt, and blue shoes with a blue belt.
  3. The material of the belt should match the material of the shoes: leather belt with leather shoes, suede belt with suede shoes, and canvas belt with canvas shoes.

Secret 1: The Perfect Belt Width

It’s actually all about the width of the belt, a fact most of us are unaware of.

What makes belts for men formal, and what makes them casual?

A wide belt of 5.9 cm looks more casual than a narrow belt of 3.4 cm.

Wide casual belts are best worn with casual pants, such as lighter denims and cargoes, while narrow belts compliment formal trousers, chinos, and dark denim.

Secret 2: Pair Identical Colour Belt and Shoes

Coordinating your belt’s colour with the colour of your shoes is crucial for making heads turn.

A black belt is pretty much essential for all men, and to get the most from it, make sure you have a narrow leather belt. The black belt is neutral and doesn’t stand out; and can also be worn with other shoe colors.

The best thing you can do is have several belts of different colors that match all your different footwear.

Secret 3: Match the Material of Your Belt and Shoes

Men sometimes fail to follow the super simple rule of matching shoes and belt material.

Shoes typically come in one of these three materials:

  • Canvas
  • Plain leather
  • Suede leather.

All you have to make sure is that the belt is of the same material as your shoes.

Always make sure to choose the right belt width before color, and color before belt material and if you don’t have a matching colored belt, always choose black.

Now get ready for some attention as you step out sporting that perfect look with belt and shoes complimenting each other. Do not forget to boost your stunning personality with the fabulously strong fragrance of Adiction deodorant to leave the world mesmerized with your signature smell and commendable fashion skills.

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