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Choosing your partner

By the nose


By the nose

I chose him by the nose.” I hear this obscure thing from my grandmother every time my mother looks into the matrimony sites to find a suitable man for me. She says pointing to the laptop, “You boring unromantic kids know nothing about finding a man after all how can you smell him on this open and shut machine. Then suddenly her eyes sparkle, with a shy smile, “You remember how your grandpa smelled, that wonderful woody oriental aroma mixed with fruity musk, (and she takes a deep breath every time to smell something in the air) the combination of the fragrance on that jersey of Indian Army would arouse me even in my deep sleep.”

As she dips profoundly into the fragrance of his macho fighter, as usual I say something annoy her (pointing towards her nose), “Grandma, has the God given you only this nose? My Grandpa was so macho, manly and charming and all you talk about him is how he smelled.” The other two women in my house think that I am tough-minded and harsh.

I was never a girl next door who would wait for her prince charming and marry him. My father died during my college days and with pride I took the responsibility of my mother and grandmother. Life, rather the bed of thorns as I love to define it, moved on with few waxes and wanes. I got intensely involved in my career that the word ‘man’ never occurred to me. But somewhere deep in my heart I always knew that if I ever happen to fall in love, it has to be for a manly man just like my grandfather, but never thought how he would smell. My grandmother often says to me, “A man’s beauty is his smell. A man who smells bad can never be compatible to a beautiful woman like you”.

My grandfather was in army and he met my grandmother in a mock drill at a railway station. Quite filmy but true, in that state of chaos their eyes met and met his fragrance with her nose. The compatibility matched at once. They got married easily as both the families hailed from an army background.

That day I reached the railway station expecting that my train would have left. I had a big fight with my colleague that morning so was in a very bad mood. Luckily, my train to Mumbai was three hours late so I decided to wait there at the platform. My team was there already waiting for me. Adding to my enragement, they grabbed my food I had brought from home. They were talking carelessly (I was not in a mood to talk) when I realized that I covertly smelled males in my team. What was happening to me? My thoughts were disturbed when suddenly a unique smell approached me as if to irk my sleeping emotions. As I turned to figure out the reason of my distraction, I saw a tall handsome soldier with humungous baggage standing just behind me. Our eyes met too (thank God, the situation was not as chaotic what it was in the time of my grandparents). Surprisingly, he smiled.

To my delight, his seat was next to mine. He soon became friends with my team. Quite tired, I decided to retire for the day. I climbed to the uppermost seat and to my surprise, came along his fragrance. They were talking. I was thinking. I caught him looking at me many times. I hated to confess that I was falling for this guy.

I disruptively asked, almost yelled, “What are you wearing?” “Excuse me”, he was stunned. “I mean, the fragrance, it is quite addicting.” I threw my words again. “Well, it’s my deodorant, the smell is woody oriental aroma mixed with fruity musk”, he enlightened me with details.

Yes, it was the same aroma my granddad possessed for my grand mom.

Image Courtesy: Men’s health.

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