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A world without deodorant

Can you imagine ‘a world without Deodorant’?


Can you imagine ‘a world without Deodorant’?

The world is in a bad shape, the fear of smell has come true! With the bad odour ruling our nasal cavity, the planet is no more a suitable place to survive. Technology has touched the sky, still no cure for the natural whiff of stale sweat has been found. With people shielding themselves from the hazardous odour, walls with smell resistance are being built. The cases of people losing their state of mind with that ugly smell are on the rise.

Imagine a world without Deodorant..?

Not possible, as our dependency on it has grown enormously. More than the love, it is addicting and beyond that, it has become a necessity to wear the beautiful fragrance of deodorant to ward off the evil smell, emanating from our bodies. The essence of fragrance is certainly mesmerizing that wakes up the dead thoughts and fill our minds with bright and fresh visions of excitement and enthusiasm. With its ability to light up your day with fresh aroma, it makes you look and feel more attractive and can arise the sensual side of your partner. Its molecules can easily hypnotize your minds and fill it with the sheer passion and ecstasy!

Image Courtesy: bloomberg

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