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Celebrate #NoShaveNovember with Adiction deodorant 


Celebrate #NoShaveNovember with Adiction deodorant 

November is around the corner and the internet has already begun going berserk. Yeah, it’s the month when a huge number of males involve in a viral but fundraising trend of #NoShaveNovember. No shave November, as the name suggests is the month when men avoid using razors and leave their facial hair undisturbed. But do you know when and why this trend began?

The entire concept of “No Shave November” started in Australia in 2003. The main idea behind this campaign was to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. Since then the campaign has gained enormous popularity and reports also came that a fund of 21 million was raised in the campaign of 2013.

Being a complete game changer for the men, they willingly participate in this campaign. The love to grow heaps of hair all across your chin along with a rowdy moustache, have always left a sense of masculinity among the men. Not just the men but girls too seem to have developed an unconditional attraction towards these rowdy men.

However, hair or no hair, short or tall, a girl always loves a guy who carries an aura of awesomeness with him. No matter what attire you wear, how good you maintain your beard, but a bad fragrance coming from your end will always leave her in despair. Thus, stop hindering your chances of being awesome and always remember to step out after applying Adiction deodorant for a strong and long lasting smell that will not only give you a boost of confidence but also, leave an impression that one can never forget.

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