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Choose The Right Watch For Your Personality


Choose The Right Watch For Your Personality

When was the last time someone asked you the time and you checked your wrist without giving a second thought of using your cell phone? Let’s be honest: very few of us use a wrist watch to tell time nowadays.

A man’s timepiece is now considered a status symbol and a statement piece of any outfit. Watches have always been considered a luxury. Whether you admire the appearance or the mechanics of a watch, each one gives you a unique identity, thus we’re here to help you find the best for your outfit to keep you above the ordinary.

The Businessman (Steel Watch)

Rule the boardroom with your magnetic aura by wearing a stainless steel watch that casts a luminous shine contrasting the dark colours of your classy business suit.

But why have steel watches become the icon of economic triumph? Possibly because of their physical features and what steel resembles: Strength, Stability, and Industry. A simple watch build gives you a professional appearance. A new school look would be a titanium watch. It possesses several perks including a lighter and stronger build with a black surface.

Steel Watch

The Stylist (Designer Watch)

Did you know you could add a ton of flair to any outfit with a leather strap designer watch?

From smart casual to the finest affairs, this watch will flawlessly give you an impeccable appearance on any given day.

Look out for a clean white dial that keep things simple. Any respectable designer watch should have a calf or alligator strap case composed of a quality metal.

The ideal combinations would be a gold case with the chocolate brown strap or a silver case with a black strap.

Designer watch

The Explorer (Sports watch)

If you just happen to knock your watch against every corner you walk by then go for a sports watch. This digital timepiece possesses a ruggedness that’s second to none and brings plenty of functional aspects to the table for you.

Designed for physical activity, the standard issue sports watch boasts of durable synthetic materials that can withstand any rough or extreme condition.

sports watch

The Poindexter (Smartwatch)

Smartwatches are a new addition to the watch family and they are the stealers. The strongest selling point of a smart watch is the plethora of functional aspects that it carries in its compact frame. It is an extension of your cell-phone as the watch has enough merits to make a name for itself like message reader, voice activation, weatherman, along with so many other things, and it even tells time!


Watches are as important as your shoe, belt, dress and deodorant. A combination of a perfect watch with a matching pair of shoes and a strong deodorant like Adiction can turn you into a gentleman we all aspire to be.

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