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Compliments from My Friends Make Me Glad


Compliments from My Friends Make Me Glad

I went to a bookshop to buy some books for my exams. There I saw a girl who was studying in a different college. I found her pretty and followed her to some distance to know where she stays. Meanwhile, I saw my friend and I returned to my place. After a couple of days, I saw her near my college. I was waiting for my bus and she came to the same bus stop.

Intentionally I boarded the same bus and managed to get a space near her. She was sitting and I was standing next to her. I was thinking of ways to start a conversation with her. Finally, I asked her name and course. I discussed with her about the latest fest going to take place at my college. My friend was standing with me and the girl was more interested in talking to him.

Next day on the bus, I noticed that the girl was trying to ignore me and preferred standing next to my friend. This was just due to the stinking smell of my sweat. I went to the market and asked the shopkeeper for the best deodorant. He gave me Adiction deodorant and after using it I saw the difference. Not only that girl, in fact, boys also praised me for my deodorant.

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