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Cultural Function at College


Cultural Function at College

Last month I had a cultural function at my college. My friends were participating in various events according to their interest. I was thinking to prepare a dance number but needed a partner. I asked some of my friends, if any one of them was ready to participate with me. Everyone was ignoring me and I got disappointed. But this was not new for me as I was always ignored among my friends.

I decided not to participate in any of the events. While my friends were busy preparing for the function, I was sitting and just watching them. While returning home, I noticed that people did not even prefer to stand near me in bus. This time, I understood that it was due to my bad body odor. In fact, this was the reason none of my friends got ready to participate with me.

I went to a departmental store and looked out for various deodorants to improve my body odor. The boy working at the store suggested me to buy Adiction deodorant. Without a second thought, I got ready and started using it from the very next day. I noticed that my friends started sitting close to me and appreciated me for my deodorant. One day, a girl came and asked me to be her partner for the dance performance. Instantly, I got ready and we gave a wonderful performance.

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