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It is all about what you are addicted to and why? If it is about traveling, singing, running, etc. then it is good but when you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fighting, etc then it is very bad.

Addictions are never confined to one person; they eventually affect their near and dear ones in the positive or negative way. A person who is doing drugs is likely to affect the society in a bad way; however, a person who is addicted to art is likely to spread positive vibes.

It is the impact of our choices that create a good or a bad society. It is December and we have a chance to make the right choice next year- a choice to bring good to the society and to the world.

Why not list down all the evils that you think you have in you and get rid of them the coming year? We all blame ‘society’, yet we are society. So to make it a better place, we must change ourselves first. We must admit that none of us is perfect, but a real human is one who admits his shortcomings and works to improve them willingly.

Addiction is something that can either make you or destroy you. So make your choice wisely the coming year.

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