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Deodorant: A Road to Pits


Deodorant: A Road to Pits

Deodorant is an indispensable part of our life today. I love to smell good and stay confident. For this, I keep my deodorant handy all the time. It keeps me clean and fresh. Unfortunately, not everyone share my passion of smelling good every second of the day. But on several occasions during the course of the history, things have gotten out-and-out trendy. Even with the deodorants. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, deodorant is not a modern product. Amazed! Well, this is the timeline of deodorant. You will now know better.

Deodorant: Timeline

Ancient Egyptians

Egyptians were not always building pyramids. They were also into creating something special to mask their own stench. Egyptians only invented perfumed bath and even tried applying incense, carob and porridge as deodorants.

Egyptians took good care their looks and used cosmetics

Ancient Greeks and Romans

Greeks offered their guests aromatic oils and baths. Romans were so obsessed with smelling good that they soaked their clothes in aromatic oils to smell good. The two civilizations doused their animals in scents.

The Middle-Ages

Churches in middle ages prohibited nudity even in bath so people stopped bathing and cleaning themselves. But those, who could afford having super-expensive perfumes, smell good.

Mum’s the word

Mum’ was the first deodorant that was trademarked officially in 1988 by an anonymous Philadelphia inventor. Mum was actually a paste type deodorant that was used under armpits. In the mid 90’s Ban was the first roll on deodorant launched in the market. A decade later the first aerosol based deodorant attracted millions of consumers.

And today more than 60% population of the world use deodorants. No matter if you use your own concoction, roll on, crystal or an internal deodorant pill, we all appreciate you for being super pleasant.

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