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Deodorants for Stress Induced Body Odour, Available?


Deodorants for Stress Induced Body Odour, Available?

We have all been in such situations. You are running late for an important meeting or stuck in a harsh interview or are giving the most grilling presentation of your life… and to add the thrill, you smell worse than ever. You feel wet, yucky and embarrassed because of stress induced body odor. Do you realize that your deodorant dies when you are in a stress?

Men and women love to feel fearless, dry and odor free but fear gives rise to excessive sweat and repugnant smell, yuckier than the usual. A new research by Monell Chemical Senses Center suggests that people can very well differentiate between regular old ‘Yes, I am hot’ sweat and ‘Oh, I am stressed out’ sweat and they perceive the persons wearing these kinds of sweats differently. The earlier ones are taken as more confident. So what we need is a ‘stress induced body odour’ buster deodorant to deal with the gross diaphoretic and mephitic condition against which our very own usual deodorants fail to work.

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Well, the good news is that scientists in western world have developed a deodorant formula that works excellently against stress induced sweat and body odor. It allegedly contains a fructification of aluminum chlorohydrate and anti-microbial compound butyloctonoic acid to deal with malodor formation. The formula has been successfully tested on test population and is soon to get launched. The formula proves to be four times effective at restraining the stress induced underarm wetness and body odor.

It’s gruesome that time and again we cannot avoid stressful conditions approaching us but surely can we counteract the stress of being fetid.

Image Courtesy: returnofkings, theartofcharm.

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