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Deodorants Indeed have a Good Effect on the Senses


Deodorants Indeed have a Good Effect on the Senses

Everyone has a love story that begins during college days. Most of the boys tend to impress girls through gifts and compliments. Some are blessed with smart looks and they become the center of attraction wherever they go. On the other hand, average looking boys have to struggle really hard to become friends with girls. I am also one among them. I have average looks and do not have skills to impress girls.

During graduation, all my friends had girlfriends and I too liked a girl. Due to my average looks, I could never get the confidence to approach her. She considered me as a friend like other guys in the class but I wanted to get into a relationship with her. It was really hard for me to express my feelings. Both of us were studying in the same class. I always preferred to sit next to her in every lecture. Fortunately one day, I got an opportunity to sit with her.

While returning home that day, she complained about my body odor. This was the most embarrassing situation for me. The same evening, I went to a shop and bought Adiction deodorant. From the next day, I started using the deodorant which really gave me refreshing underarms and my body odor vanished. Again, I sat with the same girl and she was impressed by my Adiction deodorant’s fragrance. Since that day, we turned into good friends. We both like each other’s company and participate together in every activity.

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