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Bow tie

Do not let bow ties die in your closet


Do not let bow ties die in your closet

Keep things fresh with exquisite bow ties that will make you look terrific this season:

From soft colors like light green and blue to printed ones will make this accessory fit for every occasion.

You need not limit yourself to only traditional black or solid colors, you now have plenty of options in polka dots, stripes, geometrical, plaid and quirky prints.

Always keep the fabric in mind while considering what kind of a bow tie you want to wear to a particular event. Cotton and linen bow ties will be most appreciated at casual affairs. While silk and wool bow ties are best suited for formal events.

A bow tie is the season’s trendiest accessory for men and if you are not considering sporting it, you are totally missing out the title of a very special person. When trying to decide which bow tie to put on, just think about the occasion and choose.

A wedding or formal event: Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns when you’re attending a wedding as they are perfect to take out your black or pearl white bow tie. It will compliment your tux or formal suit and give you a crisp silhouette look.

At work: Wearing a bow tie to work implies a sense of spry professionalism and it makes you look more creative. Try to keep the colors and patterns on the simpler side, and you’ll be stunning everyone. Match your light color formal shirts with bow ties in stripes or polka dots.

Brunch: Team your shirt with a bow tie in polka dots or geometrical print for a perfect semi-casual brunch look. It mostly works well, however, you can always experiment.

Date-night: A night out with a lovely lady would be another great occasion to give bow tie a try. For a confident, but also casual and, cool look, wear the tie with just a button-up shirt.

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