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Does your deodorant use the ‘Multitalented Safe Ingredient’?


Does your deodorant use the ‘Multitalented Safe Ingredient’?

buying_product_adictionThe new smarter generation advocates responsible consumerism. A responsible consumer is a concerned citizen who has a comprehensive idea of what he is buying. Right from understanding the right consumption and supporting socially responsible organizations to knowing about the products that exhibit responsible and irresponsible behavior; these are the aspects of a responsible consumer. I am a responsible consumer and I believe many of us are. In fact, this is how it should be. We must know what we are buying and a responsible bonafide company would always encourage the consumers to do so. The same goes with the deodorants. I have gone through a thorough research on the ingredients used in a ‘responsible’ deodorant and I would love to share some important fact with you all.

Deodorants have become one of the indispensable parts of our life, particularly for the consumers living in urban India. Deodorant is a substance that either conceals or removes unpleasant smells such as body odors. A deodorant is made up of many chemical compounds but two of its most important ingredients are alcohol and propylene glycol which are discussed here.

We all know that a good deodorant has a bactericidal effect. It is actually the alcohol used as one of the ingredient that can stop the stink as soon as it starts. Alcohol gives the fresh and cool effect on the skin. Alcohol is easily degraded. SAFE TO USE

But there should be one ‘must have ingredient’ in your deodorant and my main focus is on that compound only. The compound is propylene glycol. The compound has unsurpassed reputation of being one of the safest compounds that is extensively used in consumer products. The compound is quite multitalented as it is used as a solvent and an emulsifier. The compound is chemically neutral and never reacts with any other compound. Probably, this has made it a safe ingredient. For a deodorant, propylene glycol is mixed with perfume to form a safe homogenous compound. SAFE TO USE

Through research, I have found out how ‘not’ harmful my deodorant was. A responsible deodorant must have the compound propylene glycol to ensure that it is safe. Do you have it in your deodorant?

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