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Don’t hesitate, just raise #RaiseHandsForGood


Don’t hesitate, just raise #RaiseHandsForGood

It is a narrow street where I dwell alone among the families all around. My street is just like any other thoroughfare of the city, but there is an exception; there lives a very loud family just in front of my flat. I always used to wake up with the shrill voices coming from their house.

Often I used to wonder what is there that they fight each day without fail on the top of their voices though I never really tried to know about their daily shouting routine until I saw a young lady shouting and beating an elderly mercilessly one day.

I was stunned to see such a scene and it was something which I never expected. Shouting can still be tolerated but hitting an older person was just unacceptable to me.

It was high time to raise my voice against the demons of the humanity. I took the matter to the nearby police station and complained about the torture the old lady is going through.

Police took immediate action against them and there I was standing with the inspector in front of those awful offenders. It was the first time, I #RaisedHandsForGood of the society. Later, that old lady thanked me for saving her from their cruelty.

Do you know how I got this confidence to raise voice against evil? It is all about developing a good personality. Be confident, dress well and wear your adiction deodorant to stand out of the crowd. Strong fragrance can never be ignored by anyone so do not forget to wear your favourite adiction deodorant.

I was strong enough to hold onto my point in front of police and I am sure my strong personality must have played an important role in convincing cops to action against the culprits.

Don’t hesitate, just raise hands for good!

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