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Don’t spoil your memorable moment


Don’t spoil your memorable moment

Your relationship status has changed from single to married. Are you happy? 

Damn! You are thrilled!!!

It is evident from your smile. Whoa! That broad grin is speaking a thousand stories going on in your brain.

The naughty expressions are making you crazy. The excitement is mounting and you are going restless.

But wait, have patience.

Don’t let your thoughts run like a wild horse. I know it is hard for you to control. But are you wearing the fragrance to make your girl go wild?

If not, your first night could become the last one. It is said that first impression is the last impression, and you have to push hard, very hard for that first impression. So don’t forget to take off the cap and press the nozzle of your addictive fragrance that makes you feel ultra sexy and fills you with confidence.

All your thoughts can shatter, if you stink. The bacterium is bad and has in its nature to spoil the taste of the night that you can feel with just a spray. So don’t analyse how & why, just grab that bottle kept on your dressing table and adorn that desirable fragrance.

After all, your job is to make her have the best. Wink Wink!

Image Courtesy: bensbreakfastblog

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