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Male grooming tips

DO’s and Dont’s on Male Grooming.


DO’s and Dont’s on Male Grooming.


  1. Use trimmers to keep that beard and tache well defined.
  1. Get seven to eight hours of slumber to boost your cells to fix and repair daily wear and tear.
  1. Load the belly with fruits and veggies to see improved skin tone.
  1. Avoid that stress, else invite wrinkles, for it has the power to damage healthy skin cell.
  1. Kick that butt, for it can make your skin loose. It can pop up the signs of premature aging.
  1. Remove unwanted hair, popping out of nose, ear and your shirt.
  1. Drink plenty of water, as skin hydration is must. 


  1. Excess use of anti-aging cream, as it can make your face look greasy and too shiny.
  1. Avoid using a face scrub more than 3 times a week, as its properties can cause irritation.
  1. Avoid using a body moisturizer on the face due to the delicate nature of the face skin.
  1. Avoid using any shaving cream, look for the ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin.
  1. Shaving at the last minute can carry risk of scratches, irritation and even rashes.
  1. Use of too much of cologne shall kill the mood, little of it behind the ears, wrist , neck would do the needful.

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