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Men hair

Do’s and Don’ts on Male Grooming


Do’s and Don’ts on Male Grooming

Body Hair


  1. Replace razor blade regularly, keep it sharp and fresh.
  1. Keep the armpit hair short and manageable, unkempt hair will carry the foul smell of sweat.
  1. Trim the chest hair, for it can make you look like an ape and lower your sex appeal.
  1. Trim pubic hair, as sexual fire can easily be doused with that unpleasant sight and whiff.
  1. Shave your back and shoulder hair for a pleasant appeal of sexual fantasia.
  1. Adorn that short sideburns to suit the trend.
  1. Wear that new hair style neatly, for an unkempt look can be a big turn off.


  1. Never force facial hair, shave it off in a regular fashion to adorn the look of James Bond.
  1. Avoid shaving the armpits, keep some hair under the cave.
  1. Never shave the chest hair, short grass on chest seems masculine and attractive to women.
  1. Shaving pubic hair will make you look like a hairless rat. Keep it short and spicy.
  1. Avoid unwanted hair patterns, follow the trend with wise advice.
  1. Avoid wearing a handlebar moustache in short lengths, this is 2016 not the 70’s.

Image Courtesy: beauty2morrow

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