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Dos and Don’ts on Male Grooming


Dos and Don’ts on Male Grooming

Grooming for Formal Events


  • Remove jewellery. Decorating an earring while suited up won’t make you look killer.
  • Get rid of unibrow, rogue hair popping out of the nose or shirts. You have to look sexy not a wild ass.
  • Pop a mint, for each conversation. It will throw an impression of your intellect and soft skills.
  • Trim your beard to bring it in shape and make it look beautiful and suit it to your personality.
  • Stay sweat free, don’t burn the nose hairs of other’s with the whiff of your sweat.
  • Shine your teeth, for your smile has to enchant a lot of people.
  • Compliment a tie with the suit.


  • Shave at the last minute as cuts, nicks, scratches would add to your beauty.
  • Get a new haircut as experimenting just before the D-day can pull you in trouble.
  • Smell like a pig; rejoice your body with fragrance for you have to be the man of the hour.
  • Wear shirt with stains on it, even a slight evil mark can kill your charm.
  • Wear torn jeans and T-shirt, you are a gentleman, behave like one.
  • Over dab cologne, you have to smell good & not to annoy the nasal cavity of other’s with too much fragrance.
  • Fake tan, rather than adorning orange complexion, use moisturizers to make your skin shine.

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