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Dress Properly Or Lose?


Dress Properly Or Lose?

We never understand things till we experience them ourselves. We always try to find an excuse to run away from the situation. Despite knowing the reality we often tend to ignore our shortcomings. The day we will begin accepting our vices and shortcomings, we would rise up high.

My name is Shiwang and I belong to the capital of India- Delhi. I was a management student studying in one of the reputed colleges in our area. I was a brilliant student of my class and was very hopeful.

In my last semester, I began appearing for interviews but I didn’t get selected by any of the company I applied for. I never faced this many rejections in my entire life. All my confidence and high hopes vanished like steam and as a result, I secluded myself from everyone in my college due to increasing anxiety in me.

That was the time when I was all alone, but he came to my rescue like an angel and just because of him I am a top level management leader in the market today. My savior was none other than my own teacher. He picked me up from the ground he gave me the guru mantra of success. The mantra was nothing but some grooming tips. He knew where I was lacking and asked me to dress up properly for another scheduled interview.

The day before my interview, he got me a pair of formal shirt and trouser along with a matching blazer. He even advised me to never forget to wear a strong and long lasting fragrance deodorant like Adiction to leave my best impression over the interviewers.

I did exactly as he asked me to bring in my regular life and here I am writing this piece of appreciation from the desk of CEO of the company.

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