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Durga Puja, new clothes, and new Adiction


Durga Puja, new clothes, and new Adiction

Durga Puja, a festival when the entire Kolkata blazes in happiness and ecstasy. The arrival of the female deity is largely celebrated all across the nation, but the celebrations in Kolkata have its own specialty. Being the much awaited and the grandest event, Kolkata turns into a massive fashion carnival during this pious event. Grandeur pandals and beautiful idols of MaaDurga at every corner,symbolize the prominence of the festival in the city.

Although, modernity has hit every soul, but this annual festival seems to have still remained untouched by the contemporary vogue. This festival is a living example of how we are still holding onto our ancient traditions and rituals. However, the celebrations are not just limited to completely devoting yourself to the almighty, it is also accompanied with enjoying delicious tastes and wearing elegant attires.  So what’s your fashion for the upcoming Puja? Or are you still confused about what to wear? Going traditional on these occasions isn’t a bad decision,  but your look should always come out vibrant and not outmoded. Often the attire you chose determines the attention you’ll grab, thus following certain tips while selecting the attire for Puja is not a bad move.

There are guys who find a lot more comfort in casuals. Both full and half sleeve shirts go well with them and pairing it up with a nice piece of denim is always welcomed with appreciation. T-shirts are always believed to be the personal favorite amongst the rough and tough young blood.

Apart from the expected formals, boys can also opt for some ethnic apparel for this auspicious festival. Kurta Pyjama and embroidered Dhoti are never out of fashion during these events and it also helps in attaining innumerous appreciation and compliments from everyone.

However, along with the perfect clothing, we also need a perfect deodorant. Therefore, don’t forget to step out without using Adiction xtra-strong deodorant for the desired impact. However, if you still find the list incomplete and would like to share your insights, please leave a comment in the comment section. This Durga Puja, let’s celebrate the addiction to look dynamic.

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