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Enduring Sin Is Itself a Sin- Raise your Hand for Good


Enduring Sin Is Itself a Sin- Raise your Hand for Good

“Where there is no struggle there is no strength” is true. But how about when there is strength but you still struggle to get the position you deserve?

I feel a man without ethics is a wild beast loose upon this world and it becomes our duty to raise our hand for the good of the society and principles.

As the captain of my district cricket team, I never got a chance to serve the society as a whole. However I surely raised my hand for a player who was being neglected by our coach despite being a very talented all rounder.

I still remember that summer when we all were working hard to secure our place in the team for the upcoming prestigious state cricket tournament. There was this guy ‘Shomit’, he was a brilliant batsman and bowled with fury. He was the fittest among us and could beat everyone in the stamina test.

As a player and the captain, I always appreciated his talent and modesty. He was a potential match winning member of the team and most of us were sure of his selection in the trials.

The day arrived when we all participated in the trail and as expected most of us fared well including Shomit. Results were to be declared 2 days later so we waited at the guest house of the state board. Finally when the results came out I saw Shomit sitting in one corner of the restroom. I walked up to him and asked him what had happened? He stood up and began crying in front of me. I asked him to at least tell me the reason of his tears. He sobbingly said, I am not selected bhaiya.

I was shocked to hear this; I took the sheet from his hands but could not find his name in the final list of players. I thought there might have been some printing mistake so I made a call to the coach to confirm. The coach said that Shomit was not good enough to be on the team and if I try to defend him I would face the same fate as well.

Now, this was not right, and I could not take it. Undoubtedly he was the best among us so why wasn’t he on the team? Then and there I made up my mind to fight for this talented guy and take his issue further.

Luckily I had some acquaintances in the state board, so I contacted them and explained the situation to them. They told me they would look into the matter and took Shomit’s phone number.

Next morning Shomit got a call from the State board regarding  re-trial in front of a senior Ranji cricketer. He was talented so he fared well in that trial as well. He was selected onto the team and the coach was suspended on the grounds of corruption.

After this victory, Shomit was happy and so was I. He came to my room in the evening and handed me a bottle of Adiction deodorant and said, “Thank you so much bhaiya, this is not just a gift, it is my love for you, please take it”.

“Thank you, I really needed that strong great smelling fragrance junior” I said jokingly and we had a good laugh.

Image Courtesy: stelegraph

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