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Ever Wondered How Nasal Cavity Works?


Ever Wondered How Nasal Cavity Works?

The olfactory organs in the human body pick up the odors from the environment and transduce them into neural signals. Quite complicated.  Isn’t it? Understand that the smell can certainly change our mood, from good to bad, in no time!

Such is the power of the smell that it can easily reduce the stress levels, make you look more attractive and send you to sound sleep.

The fundamental feature of good aroma, while sleeping, is to make you lose yourself in positive dreams and relax your mind and body. Clinically, it has been found that the smell of lavender can ease stress, anxiety and also heals insomnia. Further, the smell of a rose also controls blood pressure. Not only the fragrance of peppermint, strawberry has been found to improve concentration and also increases one’s productivity.

Good smell triggers powerful memories that eventually spread smile and happiness.

Fragrance ascends the sensual desire and makes you look more attractive. Staying under the influence of fragrance not only improves the brain development, but makes you look attractive and healthy and spreads positivity all around.

Image Courtesy: jpompey

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