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Exclusive Style Tips For Men


Exclusive Style Tips For Men

Even men face problems with their bodies just like women. Here, the problem that we are talking about is Man breasts. While some choose to go under knife to get rid of them, there is a more temporary solution to the problem. Think it’s impossible? It’s just a question of style.

Exercise is often the most effective option, but tweaking your style can actually help you hide your unwanted bumps. Here are some of the tips that you can pick up to hide your ‘moobs’ to an extent just by styling differently:

  1. Compress Your Problem

A compression shirt is the first smart step toward concealment. Athletic apparel makers offer a plenty of not-embarrassing options. You just need to choose one that’s comfortable enough for you.

  1. Hide Big Issues with Small Patterns

Camouflage the problem area with patterns, but choose those patterns carefully. Go for small or medium scale patterns that don’t feature a lot of color contrast. We would suggest grey-and-black plaids, or small blue checks on a darker blue background.

  1. Think Thick

If you live in colder climate than either chose thicker fabric or go for several layers of clothing to hide your man boobs. But, wear tightly woven textiles for concealing benefits if you live in a warmer climate. Look for shirts that feel slightly starchy, not feathery or thin.

  1. Find the right fit

Don’t buy baggy threads thinking they will hide your heavy chest. You may end up looking like an oversized bear with no fashion sense. At the same time, too-tight clothing can be revealing, so a properly fitted shirt is your friend.

  1. Turn down the contrast

Minimize the color contrast between the upper and lower halves of your body. It will just make you look shorter and wider. Go for similar type of colors to make up your matching clothes. Head-to-toe monochromatic dressing can be as slimming as it is elegant.

  1. Watch out for white

Wearing white or light colors is the most common and worst mistake you can do to look bulky. Prefer dark or neutral tones to look slim and stylish at the same time.

  1. Slim down with pinstripes

Most suits are naturally slimming because their uniform color and texture “creates an unbroken vertical line from neck to toe. Narrow pinstripes do this even more efficiently. On the other hand, watch out for suits with large patterns. Windowpane suits and glen plaids are fattening.

So, it is all about styling perfectly when you have heavy chest, but never neglect matching shoes, standard belt and a long lasting strong fragrance deodorant like Adiction.

Always remember Beauty gets the attention but Personality gets the heart.

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