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First day at office

First Day at Office


First Day at Office

You worked tirelessly day & night to achieve the position you desired for years. The D-day came and with the first step, your life took a new turn with progress and to success. You are happy, the moment is glorious.

Motivated to the core, you meet and greet people, feel enthusiastic & with sheer excitement you walk towards your work station and suddenly someone whispered, “Oh my God, he’s stinking” and you overheard this personal small conversation of your colleagues. Then each second, each minute that you embraced in happiness came crashing and in no time all your hopes and aspirations dashed away. With just a few words, the day ended before it could begin, you are depressed, stressed and under immense pressure to make up for the lost dignity and respect. What could be done now? In hustle you commit blunders at work and eventually end up creating a mess. In no time, order for your suspension comes and all your dreams are blown away and you feel like giving up on everything and walk home with a dead heart.

But wait, something is buzzing, check it out. Just an alarm, “Hello!! It is 06:00 in the morning.” Darn, it was just a dream, the first day has just started. Make sure you wear a mask of fragrance to stop the dream turn into reality.

The need for a good deodorant is there and if you would avoid, it would kill your chance of grabbing the opportunities of life.

Image Courtesy: business.aib.ie

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