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Football will remain my lifeline


Football will remain my lifeline

Life is a fairytale says the foolish. The ones who are successful will never say such thing. They work hard to earn the life they have dreamt of. Climbing the ladder of success is frequently accompanied by criticism and negatives. The ones who aren’t ambitious have never faced criticism. Therefore, let the criticism come, as it aids in your growth. The ones who believe in themselves work in silence and let their success thrust their critics. A successful person is often surrounded by haters as well as admirers. People are complex and it is difficult to identify the good and the bad.

Well, I had just begun the journey towards my dreams. They seemed alluring and working on it made me happy. Being a beginner, I was unaware of criticism and failures.  Words which seemed good, came up with hidden sarcasm. I was innocent and failed to understand what they actually meant. Eventually, I learned the society never wanted to see me rising.

Slowly criticism started coming from every direction crippling my soul. I was compelled to quit, physically I gave up on my dreams, but the passion was still there. Football ran in my blood, and nothing could impart me from the irreplaceable love I had for the game. So I started working in silence and developed my skills. I dedicated all my spare time towards my passion. Eventually, I was selected in my school team and I was a great asset to my team. On the back of my mind, I always knew that this is the chance to prove my critics wrong.

Finally, my performance was appreciated by both, school and family. My dad started supporting me, and he asked me whether I want to make a career in football. The change of perspective gave me a moral boost and I felt I’ve started the initial steps towards my dream.  My adiction and sheer dedication were the reason behind my performance. It’s important to keep moving forward, ignoring the critics and counting on your loved ones.

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