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Fragrance facts you must know


Fragrance facts you must know

Some interesting facts about fragrance:

  • Like thumb-prints, everyone has a unique smell print: Everyone has an exclusive sniffing ability. Due to the fact that each one of us smells things differently, and we all have a scent “Blind Spot”. And there are specific smell that we just can’t figure out.

fragrance print

  • The one fragrance that we all smell same: A citrus smell used in a perfume called Citrayla.

Scent (1)

  • Females have a stronger sense of smell than men: Female brain has up to 50% olfactory sensors which increases their sense of smell!

Strong sense of smell

  • You smell with your brain! All this time If you were thinking that you smell with your nose, then it is not your nose but your brain detects fragrant molecules. Brain actually identified different odors.


  • We can distinguish amongst 10,000 different odors!

Distinguish smell

  • Good smell makes you happy: It was discovered in many fragrance experiments that a pleasant fragrance can make you feel happy and have positive effects on your mood.


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