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Fragrance matters!


Fragrance matters!

Does body fragrance really matter? Do you feel embarrassed when people ignore you because of bad odor? What causes body odor in sweat? These are the few questions that come into our mind when we talk about cleanliness and hygiene.

Personal hygiene and care helps to make a shield around you. From washing hands, brushing teeth to taking care of your body odour may sound dreary, but these little activities in our daily lives are the basic steps to stay fresh and clean.

There are several ways we can keep ourselves free from sweat and body odor. Like taking shower at least once a day (and why not twice in summers) reduces bacteria on skin. Also choosing an anti bacterial bath soap reduces the bacteria count. After shower, make sure that you dry yourself completely, especially those areas where you sweat a lot. Once you are dry, use a strong deodorant (preferably that lasts long). It prevents sweating and masks that unbearable body odor.

Believe it or not, our body fragrance has to do a lot with how people react to us. Our body produces natural chemical scents called pheromones that communicate with others. Earlier when there were no deodorants, perfumes or shower gels, pheromones played a great role in communication with others. After the introduction of artificial fragrances, communication is still there but with an artificial fragrance. A scientific study says that all mammals (especially females) base a large part of their decision in choosing a mate on their body fragrance. So all you men out there, now you know the importance of a perfect perfume and Deo’s.

Besides the fact that our body fragrance can actually attract potential mates, it also plays a major role in highlighting your personal care and how hygienic you are! After all, BEAUTY IS NOT JUST SKIN DEEP BUT MEANT TO BE FELT TOO.

Image Courtesy: soulmate.

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