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Friend Advised Me to Use Deodorant


Friend Advised Me to Use Deodorant

During the first year of my college, I tried to make a lot of friends. Only my roommates were my close friends. Not only a room, we shared our books, clothes, sweets, and accessories too. I noticed that both of my roommates had a number of friends and even girls were close to them. All of us were in different courses so we had a separate group of friends.

I was the only one who had few friends and was not close to any girl studying with me. Whenever I tried to interact with girls of my class, they always ignored me. This made me feel embarrassed and after a point, I stopped interacting with girls. There was no confidence left in me and I became an introvert.

My friends used to go for parties but I was never interested in joining them. Having a girlfriend was a matter of pride during those days. I wished to change myself and asked my friend how I can attract girls? As a true friend, he replied honestly that I needed to improve my body odor.

Since that day, I started using Adiction deodorant. This improved my body odor and gave me the confidence to interact with girls. Now, I have a group of friends and even girls like me. Adiction deodorant really helped me in changing my personality. As a result, I was selected as the most ‘charming guy’ on my farewell day.

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