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Get Compliments from Your Friends


Get Compliments from Your Friends

I am a software professional working with a multinational company. Due to my long sitting hours, I am supposed to sit and work on the computer. This reduced my physical activity and I became sluggish. In addition, I was also gaining weight which hampered my personality. In order to control weight and improve my personality, I decided to join the gym.

From next week, I started working out in the gym. I noticed that girls were always attracted towards boys with good physique. I started exercising with more efforts to shape up my body. After few months, I noticed that my body was in good shape but still I had no girl friends. I realized it was all because of my bad body odor. I discussed my problem with my close friend who told me about Adiction deodorant.

Before going to the gym, I started using deodorant. Now, after exercising and sweating, my underarms did not smell bad. I could feel refreshed even after hours of workout. One day, a girl approached me and praised me for the fragrance of my deodorant. It was such a proud moment for me. I started using the deodorant even before going to the office. My colleagues also praised me for the soothing fragrance of Adiction deodorant.

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