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Guts, Glory and Adiction


Guts, Glory and Adiction

Living the life of a soldier takes huge guts and sacrifice, not just from the soldier per se but his whole family. I am proud to be one.

Giving up everything to fight for your country and the safety and security of your fellow citizens is one of the noblest jobs in the world. Manning the post for days and days without basic necessities is something, not everybody strives or aspires to accomplish.

There are many times when we can’t go to the toilet or bathe. Relieving ourselves is still workable but the sweat due to the toiling and without bathing for days, it is impossible to stand myself; leave alone others.

I never thought about any solution because to me this was negligible as compared to working for my country.  It became my habit to overlook body odor completely. It was once during my peace posting our Colonel was commanding the drill. I gave him a salute and didn’t realize he had a disgusted look on his face.

He later ordered me to meet him personally and told me to take care of my personal hygiene and body odor. He said, “Being a soldier is one thing but in this process neglecting yourself is sacrilege!” He advised me to use Adiction as it is one product that smells strong and lasts long. It is a perfect product to have for a soldier.

I have been following our Colonel’s advice and I must say, I am a different person. I don’t feel dirty due to Adiction and smell great without having to think twice about the lack of basic necessities.

I am grateful to Adiction for being my grooming companion.

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