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How adiction evolved

How Your Signature Adiction Evolved?


How Your Signature Adiction Evolved?

Historians are often asked, why history is important. Similar curiosity aroused, when I first encountered my history books. My brain kept on struggling to get the answers; why to know the past when we are taught that present and future is what matters the most. Thank God, my history teacher was kind enough to make the subject easier for us through her brilliant teaching ways and in no time, my interests grew in this field.

Well, it’s been a decade or so that I am regularly flipping over the history books. Be it the tale of evolved humankind or the saga of the cosmetics, every bit of our history embrace secrets. One of the exciting tale is about the deodorants.

An interesting part of our cosmetics, deodorants, were invented in 1888. History also divulges the fact that even before the invention of the cosmetics, humans always sought the way to mask or eradicate their body odour. One big innovation happened during the 1950s,when aerosol technology was introduced in the market.

When the Egyptians were not constructing the pyramids, they were busy masking their body stench. From perfumed bath to using porridge as their deodorants, their inventions and innovations were awestruck. Women used to place globs of scented wax on their heads that would melt the whole day, masking their body stench and spreading a pleasant fragrance.

Ancient Romans and Greeks used to constantly bathe and douse in aromatic oils and perfumes.They were so obsessed about smelling good that not only they used to bathe in perfume, but from their clothes to their pets, everyone was doused in aroma.

With time, everything evolves. So is the case with deodorants. Whatever my forefathers used, the messy and excruciating ways to mask their body odours, we are blessed enough that science has made things easier for us.

I think I have a right addiction for my Adiction bottle that saves me from many embarrassing situations and keeps me confident always!

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